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Rubico Associates are a leading provider of comprehensive security services for major events across the UK and Europe and Middle East.

Our highly trained ex-military, qualified event security and safety professionals can provide a coherent range of solutions designed to ensure your event is as safe and secure as possible. Every member of our team is licenced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and work in accordance with their standards.

Festival security is one of the more challenging but highly rewarding security services that we offer. We know that the priority is safeguarding the health and well-being of the public, performers and staff – all without sacrificing the quality and purpose of the festival.

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The road to success for any festival or event, small or large, starts at the planning stage. Here we do everything we can to carefully and thoroughly assess the event so that we are able to adapt our festival or event security priorities. A critical first step is the creation of risk assessment reports. Risk assessments allow us to document the current level of risks and are used to formulate a security plan. 

We will cover everything from overcrowding, fire and electrical hazards, environmental, and weather conditions, and crew safety. It also considers areas such as site suitability, transport infrastructure and how the local community will be affected. We will identify solutions for high-level risks of immediate concern and prepare for unexpected situations that may arise on the day. As well as risk assessments, it’s especially important to prepare evacuation packs that will outline evacuation procedures should an emergency present itself. 

We are very meticulous in how we operate and will always collate all necessary details in the form of a security briefing pack which will be handed to the personnel who require this information. At all stages we recognise the importance of strong communication between all involved parties including emergency services, local councils and event management.

Effective crowd management is obviously one of the most important elements of festival and event security that we look to achieve. This involves making sure that the festival or event is suitable for the desired audience size to help prevent any overcrowding issues.

We will ensure that safety barriers are suitably placed throughout the site with a clear entry and exit system, and that restricted areas are guarded as required. Has a first point of contact, all our security personnel are trained to adopt a friendly but firm and experienced manner in dealing with attendees. We will carry out searches on all entrances to ensure that only permitted attendees gain access and to remove any restricted items that have been identified during the planning stage.

Our festival and event security guards are positioned throughout the festival site with a visible presence and will handle any type of situation, such as anti-social behaviour, in a suitable way. We always implement effective radio systems to ensure there is clear communication between personnel throughout the festival or event.

There are three key areas of welfare that we always look to prioritise when it comes to running a safe and smooth festival. First, we look to provide adequate site welfare. This involves arranging solutions across the festival site to ensure the welfare of all those attending.

We implement adequate facilities such as toilets, power points and food & drink areas. We also make sure that necessary supplies can be provided to attendees, including water and first aid, and that there are clearly designated areas for lost and found items.

The welfare of all staff and performers working the festival is another critical area that we investigate. It’s important to us that staff can perform their jobs without negative interference from attendees and all restricted areas are safely guarded.

Finally, where festivals are family-friendly affairs, child welfare is a vital point. We make sure that all our personnel hold the required qualifications and skills to ensure the safety of children. Our festival security staff will be aware of the procedures for reconnecting lost children at designated areas and how this is communicated to their parents or guardians.