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Security Consultancy Solutions

SECURITY Solutions

Identifying the risks your organization faces is the first step in protecting against them. Our security consulting services are tailored to your specific needs to help you understand, manage, and mitigate your current and future risks.

Security audit action plans are all about prevention

For a prevention plan to be effective, it requires a first-class security audit. Our consultants and inspectors not only identify gaps in your current security measures, but also provide a detailed and personalized report containing a concrete action plan. The plan includes strategies and deterrents, as well as a timetable for implementation with the priorities clearly identified.

Security Risk Assessments

Our risk management department and consultants have the expertise to conduct risk assessments on a private individual level, or corporate level, including large facilities, industrial locations and critical infrastructure. Our security consultants work in concert with the full spectrum of our integrated departments, experts and specialists, using our global expertise to ensure that our client’s security strategy integrates all threats and risks with the required services. This ensures better risk management, simplicity, continuity across all services and increased security effectiveness overall.

Security Audits

We conduct and provide comprehensive security surveys and audits for UK based and global corporate’s and private clients. Comprehensive security surveys and audits are the primary methods to evaluate the effectiveness of a security system or operation in place. They provide valuable information, highlight vulnerabilities and are essential to effectively recommend improvements, procedures and security systems that can be introduced to enhance overall security.

Security systems and installations

Our experienced specialist consultants, project managers and team of technical engineers, assess, advise, design, install and maintain the systems required and specified by our clients, to achieve the highest and most effective level of security possible. We aim to assess and deliver a solution in the quickest possible time, taking into account all security risks, budget restrictions and requirements for each location. We provide bespoke electronic systems and physical security solutions to keep our client’s property and workplaces safe and secure, combining CCTV, access control, intruder alarms, automated gates and many other physical security measures and systems. Our security consultants routinely conduct comprehensive risk assessments to fully understand what is required to protect and secure our clients, their families, property, businesses and assets. Our experts use the most up to date systems, products and technology and ensure future proofing of all systems. In conjunction with our technical team, our project managers oversee and work closely with our security construction associates to provide and install all physical security measures to the highest of industry standards.

Media Security Consultancy

Rubico Associates provide security for media teams and organisations around the globe. Our high-level media security consultants stemming from specialist backgrounds and with extensive commercial experience of operating with Media teams provides organizations the confidence and ability to operate in challenging locations.

We fully understand the importance of time sensitive reporting, fulfilling the objective, flexibility, discretion, maintaining integrity and keeping all media teams safe and secure at all times.

We offer media risk management and security services, in areas such as physical protection, country advice, guidance, crisis management, technical support and personnel tracking, to a reassuring security presence. We have a vast amount of experience in providing these protection services and support to media teams deployed internationally, including in conflict-affected regions.