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Secure Transport Services

Rubico Associates Secure Transport Services are specialists when it comes to Providing Secure Transportation of Vulnerable Young People. 

Throughout everything we do we are dedicated to supporting young people through the difficult times they face. We understand that the Young People we encounter can have behavioural Challenges and Vulnerabilities that can escalate into aggressive or otherwise unruly behaviour. We are committed to delivering a professional service with emphasis on Care & Safety with the young people we interact with, whilst ensuring that their welfare, along with the Safety and Security of all persons involved, is at the heart of everything that we do as a business.

All Rubico Associates transport supervisors and close protection officers are highly skilled professionals and are screened and vetted to BS7858 and SIA Qualified providing piece of mind about the integrity and quality of our carers.  who provide mentoring and coaching from the commencement of our transport services and this methodology has resulted in us never having to use caged vehicles to manage challenging, complex or violent behaviours. Restraints is a last resort.

It can be difficult when dealing with young people in traumatic situations, however we at Rubico Associates Secure Transport Services have developed an in-depth bespoke Training Plan for all our Team Members. This includes:


  • First Aid

  • PMVA – Prevention Management of Violence and Aggression
  • Child Protection Awareness
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Child Protection Awareness
  • Use of Hard & Soft restraint
  • Customer Service Training
  • Pain Compliance

Our Services can be utilised for a Wide Range of Reasons. Here are Some Typical Examples of our service:


  • Court appearances (general appearances and high-profile court trials)
  • Transport of high-risk absconders and Young People who self-harm
  • Transport of Young People displaying violent/aggressive behaviour
  • Placement transfers

Rubico Associates Secure Transport Services pride ourselves on offering a Professional Service with the primary focus being for care for the individual concerned. We operate a nationwide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our service is completely unique ensuring the individual needs of the Service User and young person are met and exceeded.

We can Transport any Individual from anywhere in the UK to a Location of your choice.

For more information, please contact us via the contact us page or contact a member of our operations team who will be pleased to answer any questions.

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