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Manned Guarding 

Mobile & Manned Guarding services

Rubico Associates safeguard a number of high-profile sites in the UK’s main cities through manned security guarding, offering a 24-hour service to all clients. Our on-site services include static guarding and mobile patrols. All of our security and guarding staff are fully trained and SIA approved. All our Guard force are Ex British Military.

Our highly experienced team of uniformed on-site staff work to protect both the premises and customers at all times with additional support from our 24-hour fully staffed control centre and mobile supervisor team. In each of our locations we implement incident management procedures, emergency procedures and reporting systems to ensure full compliance. Rubico Associates provides a wide range of mobile security patrols for businesses and homeowners. Our mobile patrols offer complete protection for manufacturing zones, gated communities and neighbourhoods, commercial complexes, construction sites and many other large industrial properties.

We are able to create a personalised package for mobile security patrols to monitor your area according to your specifications. We will arrange scheduled patrols as a visual deterrent, as well as covert patrols where discretion is required. Should you require round-the-clock security, our mobile patrol security officers can station vehicles in high-risk areas, or are able to man gates, entrances, and secured areas. In high congestion areas, we offer foot patrols across the UK. For vacant or remote properties, we can carry out perimeter and property check’s at specific times of the day or night as well as sporadic.


At Rubico Associates we provide front-of-house, reception and 24-hour helpdesk services. This function is often one of the most visible roles within any business, and one of the most prominent points of contact for the public.

We provide all front-of-house staff with additional concierge training so that they can provide a dual function of security and customer services on the ground, ensuring both a high level of safety is achieved, and a practical service is delivered.

Our fully trained ex British Military staff maintain a professional appearance and deliver an exceptional customer experience, and business support service, whilst remaining alert and responsive to the security needs of the premises.

All our security concierge staff are trained in telephony, front of house and reception skills, with certifications in First Aid & HSE and a 100% professional demeanour. All Rubico Associates Security Concierges are Fire Marshal trained and will be responsible for ensuring that your building is as free of potential fire risks as it can be. For example, they will check fire signage and emergency lighting, run fire drills, liaise with the local fire service, and so much more. They will also be very proactive in identifying fire hazards as they appear and reporting them to the appropriate member of the management team

You’ll be able to rest easy in the knowledge that when Rubico Associates represents you and your business, they are capable of handling all eventualities with ease.

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Hotel security & consulting services

The Rubico Associates approach begins with a rigorous understanding of security in the real world, based on decades experience, then applies this in a practical, hands-on way locally. Our mitigation programs include and integrate people, procedures and technology.

We believe security measure should be based on a fact-based, critical understanding of the actual threats facing the hotel and the particular vulnerabilities of the property. That’s why we do our work on site, in partnership with hotel management and staff. We base our mitigation efforts directly on our own security assessments, then work closely with the people on the ground who are responsible for preventing and reacting to security threats.

Security consulting services

  • Operational Audits that evaluate the quality of the hotel’s current security measures 
  • Security Assessments that apply Rubico Associates Risk Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (RTVA) methodologies to the special contexts of hotels
  • Hotel Master Security Plans that use security assessments/RTVAs to enable hotel operators to effectively plan, manage and continually improve hotel security
  • Training of hotel staff and managers in routine and emergency procedures – program set up and implementation