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Intelligence & Tracking

Business Intelligence – Intelligence gathering – Investigations – Surveillance – Tracking & Monitoring – Special Projects


We provide a complete Intelligence and Investigation portfolio of services, helping clients gain vital information, evidence and essential transparency in all matters relating to their business practices and private lives.

Our consultants, advisers and operational intelligence teams, assess and provide the information needed to make the right decisions, regarding all aspects
of intelligence, security and risk.


Rubico Associates investigations team are available to conduct investigations on your behalf at short notice. Most of our investigators are ex Police Detectives. We understand the value of thoroughness and integrity and are able to gather evidence on your behalf from documents, computers and people. Surveillance is also an added option that will be supported with written records of the occurrences and corroborated with photographic and video evidence.

Interviews can be conducted in accordance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. All investigations are conducted in accordance with current legislation. Discretion and thoroughness are backed up with extensive experience. At the conclusion of the investigation all records and statements are handed over to the client with recommendations about the standard of evidence available. Any decision is left with the client to decide whether the matter is dealt with as a disciplinary case or for solicitors or the police to mount a criminal prosecution. All of our investigators are experienced in presenting evidence at court.


Rubico Associates surveillance and counter-surveillance operators use specialist techniques and methods for covert observation of a target. Including; on foot, mobile (vehicle platform), static and technical. Using technology including, audio, static camera, video and tracking equipment to gain information, intelligence and evidence, required to deliver results for our clients.

We work within the law, plan with precision, employ state-of-the-art equipment, use creativity and ingenuity to gain results, submit detailed reports and work locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Surveillance Operators are fully qualified, trained and experienced surveillance operators, with military, government or police backgrounds to suit each tasking. With a wealth of experience, our operators are able to operate in any location or setting to discreetly gain the necessary information to complete any task.

  • Specialists Surveillance – professional surveillance operations for corporate, government and private client around the globe.
  • Specialists Surveillance – professional surveillance operations for corporate, government and private client around the globe.
  • Counter-Surveillance – expert counter-surveillance operations conducted on behalf of our clients, to protect against hostile surveillance threats and operations.
  • Surveillance Detection – professional surveillance detection methods and operations are conducted on behalf of our clients, to detect and protect against hostile surveillance threats and operations.
  • Electronic Surveillance – technical surveillance solutions to gain results by exploiting the very latest technology we have to offer.

24/7 Global Support, Traveller Tracking & Monitoring Services

Companies and Corporations accounting for all of your people at any one time, in particular your travellers and expatriate employees is a fundamental duty of care.

Our global traveller tracking tool allows Rubico Associates to monitor your people and assets 24/7 and issue real time alerts of incidents likely to affect business travel. Flight data is integrated directly to our system complementing our asset tracking software and our phone app.