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Hostile Environments

Excellence Through Experience

Our senior management team have operated globally throughout the Middle East, Africa and South America since 2000, providing armed protection for various clients and Governments in extremely hostile and challenging environments. We have a dedicated network of support staff that enables our clients to travel to and operate in these difficult areas.

From Armed protection teams and convoy escort teams, to camp security and advanced logistical and medical support Rubico Associates has you covered.

Most International Companies globally are faced with operating in hostile environments around the world. All too often businesses lack the in-house capability to manage their security requirements adequately. Rubico Associates deploys their consultants, embedding them in the clients’ operations, to not only manage the security plans and advise on risk management issues, but provide professional advice, tailoring strategies and aiming to add value throughout the task, helping clients to operate in difficult environments so they can concentrate on their core business.

Most International operating businesses need a security partner. Rubico Associates is well placed to provide tailored security solutions for companies who require support and solutions in several critical areas:

  • Security Consultancy services
  • Close Protection Teams
  • Armed Protection Teams in High risk environments
  • Media Security
  • Security awareness training (HEAT Courses)
  • Training Security Guard force or Overseas Military units
  • Lone worker Tracking and Monitoring
  • 24/7 Operations Room
  • Life support solutions and facilities/ camp management services
  • Crisis management planning
  • Intelligence

When operating in challenging or hostile environments, having a comprehensive but concise security plan in place enables our clients to both mitigate the risks to their projects and react effectively to incidents.

Media security, or media protection, is a discipline like no other. We are experienced in protecting both independent freelance journalists and media teams working in broadcast journalism abroad or investigative journalism in their home country.


As a journalist, correspondent, or media team traveling abroad to cover global news, you may find yourself in a country or region that requires safety precautions. Including a security adviser, remote medic or security driver in your team reduces risks of criminal attacks and kidnapping. Rubico Associates media security teams consists of former UK, US and French special operations forces operators with extensive experience working as security advisers in hostile environments in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Rubico Associates is also able to assist with travel security training, hostile environment awareness training (HEAT), GPS tracking and ballistic protection such as; bulletproof vests, helmets and armoured vehicles.