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Our Consultants and Management teams have many years of experience in providing security for intentional ultra and high net worth individuals, families, security of their assets and private residences and reputations. Our experience in high-net worth security means a deep understanding of the value of fully assessing what exactly our clients require and need. That enables us to ensure early identification of threats to our clients, to determine and select the correct strategy, and to put in place an effective level of security, that fully protects and ensures the safety and security of our private clients, at present and into the future.

Low Profile Security Specialists

A range of VIP and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, UHNWI’s and High Net Worth Individuals, HNWI’s use Rubico Associates Executive protection services for the main reasons:

All of our VIP security and Personal Protection details are managed and by ex UK, US and French Tier One Operators with extensive experience of covert and high-risk operations. We are subject matter experts in covert protection services; Our team specializes in Protection services that rarely fit the conventional model, often high-risk due to current threats, the level of the client or due to clients travel and work itineraries in challenging environments.

Our domestic and international services operate seamlessly alongside normal day to day life and thrive in complex and challenging environments, consistently delivering a professional service and secure environment for our clients, around the globe. We provide and offer our security services and personal protection services to a number of diverse clients across a number of sectors.

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Executive protection

Executive protection is a necessary security measure for Corporations who may be exposed to increased personal risk due to their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations, geographical location, or any other reason that could make them the target of a physical attack or kidnapping.

Our Executive protection consultants have been providing bespoke security solutions to clients throughout Europe and North America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa since 2003. Our highly trained, low-profile close protection operators are qualified to work in high-risk and complex environments and specialize in the protection of diplomats and commercial clients. many members of our executive protection teams are former French, US and UK Special Forces or elite British military units.

Residential Security

Our Residential Security Services mitigate increasing incidences of the ever-present threat of theft by criminal gangs that target UHNWI’s, families, we also protect vulnerable and unoccupied properties from occupation by squatters. We provide professional residential and property security services, technical security systems and physical security measures for our UK and international clients.

We conduct comprehensive security, threat assessments, surveys and audits to advise, design, plan and implement a technical, physical and manned security solution, to ensure the security of each of our client’s residences and properties. From estates, apartments, townhouses, buildings, developments, to sites and other locations. Our manned security services include; Residential Security Officers, Close Protection Officers, Personal Security Drivers, Static Security Guards, Security Patrol Officers & K9 Handlers.

Estate security

Our dedicated team can provide all services required for estate management and security, conducting risk/site assessments of the overall security measures which are already in place, to recommending security solutions to identified risks and vulnerabilities found. We provide embedded consultants to maintain the security and protection of the estate, assets and land from theft, trespassers, media intrusion and oversee all third-party providers whilst on-site.


Operating a full range of luxury cars and purpose-built vehicles, Rubico Associates can offer first-class transportation for VIPs and business executives, as well as high-level security options for deliveries of urgency or importance. Our chauffeurs are some of the most highly trained in the business and will ensure you travel in the utmost safety to your destination. All of our Security Drivers have served within the Traffic Division of various UK Police Forces and have attained Class One Level certification.

International Travel Security

Our security specialists conduct continuous risk assessments during operations, taking into account all forms of transport, areas of travel, locations and intended destinations, ensuring a safe and secure journey with the option to be monitored with of state of the art tracking app. Our teams assess, plan, initiate and facilitate each movement from the start of our client’s journey to their final destination and thereafter

Private Yacht & Aircraft Security

We have the experience, resources and trained personnel to provide direct security planning, logistical support and protection for private yachts and aircraft. Whether in port, hangar or in voyage, Rubico Associates has the expertise to ensure your assets are always protected.

General Investigations

Internal theft and misappropriation of property are issues that affect many of our private & HNW clients. We conduct discreet, high-level internal investigations that include those requiring expert forensic accounting and cyber capabilities. Additionally, we provide high-level due diligence on potential business partners/entities, hedge fund managers and private investments.