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Global Travel Risk Management

International Travel Management Services

Comprehensive domestic and international travel risk assessments, recommendations, planning, advice, security and protection for our clients around the world.

Global Travel Security

  • Travel Risk Management
  • Travel Planning & Advice
  • Travel Security
  • Journey Management
  • Tracking & Monitoring

Global Travel Risk Management services

Travel security services that cover your employees from pre-boarding to landing back home.
Security while traveling abroad is a concern for everyone. That’s why from country reports and vetted news alerts to location tracking and concrete solutions in the event of a crisis, we support you and your employees at every leg of the journey.

24/7 Global Support, Traveller Tracking & Monitoring Services

Companies and Corporations accounting for all of your people at any one time, in particular your travellers and expatriate employees is a fundamental duty of care.

Our global traveller tracking tool allows Rubico Associates to monitor your people and assets 24/7 and issue real time alerts of incidents likely to affect business travel. Flight data is integrated directly to our system complementing our asset tracking software and our phone app.